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2/8 Update

Well, I hate to report that I was not one of the winners for the Digital Pro Magazine Sports contest. However, I feel honored to have 2 of my photos considered and included in the finalist pool. It was a good experience and a motivator to continue to shoot and improve my skill. 


Thanks for following and your support! 


12/22 Update 

Very exciting news... two of my photos were selected in the finalist pool! Really hoping to win! Here is the link to the site if you would like to see:


What I find to be really exciting about this, is that one of the photos selected is a self portrait prior to Ironman Lake Placid. I will be sure to update the blog when I find out who the winner is. 


Original Post: 

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving marketing email from a well known photography magazine. You know the kind, put your email address on the line and they never leave you alone again. Well, while reading through a recent email I noticed they had a Sports and Leisure photo contest, which the winner will have their photography published in the Digital Pro magazine.

After giving it some thought I decided to enter a few photos. I have tons of awesome sports photos from all of the race spectating I have done over the years and feel like I have a pretty good shot at being a finalist. 

After reading the fine print I realized that I had to have photo releases on all of the individuals in the photos, which really threw a wrench into my plan. After a few days of combing through thousands of photos and then taking additional time to re-edit photos to blur out faces and such, I put together my top 5 for submission. 

Below you will find my top 5 which were submitted for entry and my honorable mentions as well. Winners will be announced in February, so I will anxiously wait.   :) 

Top 5

10/52 - 90's10/52 - 90's 25/52 Sports25/52 Sports

                            Race ReadyRace Ready


Honorable Mentions:


Richmond, VA World Championship TT



Hard Day for an Ironman

Herb Brooks Arena

New meaning to fast food


I couldn't resist putting this one into the mix. It's both sports related and leisure. 

This is how Team Italy does warm up


Barrel Racing


Love the progressive blurring throughout the photo and loss of color

The bull is completely in the air, that's pretty cool! 

The final sprint during the Tour of Philadelphia and they were shoulder to shoulder with only 50 meters to go!

Love the string of spit from the bulls mouth - he was angry! 



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