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July 31, 2017  •  1 Comment

Guest blog post - by Abigail, Albert's wife. 

There are many things about Albert's appreciation and talent for photography that inspire me. He has a creative eye for photo shoot locations - an entry way, alley or staircase that a non-photographer, like me, would likely overlook as a photographic setting; he is always challenging himself to try new poses and compositions; and he is always honing his editing skills and pouring over the details to get the photos to look just right. After a photo shoot, Albert will spend hours in our home office working on photos. As a self-taught photographer, he is always researching, learning and experimenting. And while Albert is usually the one behind the camera, there are the times when he hands the camera over to me to take a photo of him...and it's these times that his editing skills are really tested. He tries to make it as easy as possible for me - getting all of the camera settings adjusted, telling me exactly where to stand and how he wants the shot to look - and I do my best, but - more often than not - he needs to give some extra time and attention to editing the photos I take. 

We've taken a lot of photos since having our daughter, Ava, just over five weeks ago. We're obviously biased, but we think she's pretty adorable and want to capture her growing life as much and often as we can. And though she is little, she already has a mind of her own with a lot of opinions about when and how things should happen. Things take a lot longer with a baby and we've had to build in time for diaper changes, outfit changes (depending on how bad the diaper disaster was), or nursing sessions on busy street corners in between shots. But when you look at the photos, you don't see all of the logistics, set-up and re-do's - you just see the sweetness and moment of life that was captured in that split-second when everything aligned just right - or as right as things can align when dealing with a newborn.

I am so appreciative of having Albert as our family photographer. Because of his love for photography, we're able to capture and preserve so many moments of our life and journey together that we'll be able to cherish for years to come. 


Matt Bach(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Abigail - you shared some great perspectives about the behind-the-scenes work to get these shots. And what a head of hair little Ava has. Wow!
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